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OK – the beast is done. I’ve been working on this for weeks now and think it’s ready for public consumption.

There are two ways to use Multi-Stops. First, it gives you a great reference point for placing trailing stops so you don’t get pipped out of the bigger moves. Rather than guess, Multi-Stops will give you a scientific guess based on recent volatility and calculated in one of five different ways. Secondly, Multi-Stops can be used as a supplementary trend tool. Looser stops will capture longer trends and avoid whipsaws but have larger drawdowns. Tighter stops will get whipsawed more often but will limit losses when the trend goes against you.

Multi-Stops will plot five different types of volatility stops. The input parameters for the stops are a volatility coefficient which is a multiplier (larger=looser stop) and the look-back length which is the distance the stop is looking backwards to compute volatility and other factors. The various methods are: Average True Range Stops, Wilder Average Stops, Chandelier Stops, Elder Safe Zone Stops and Fibonacci Stops. There is an option to allow stop expansion that is disabled by default but will allow the stop to “breathe” if you so choose otherwise you will only see the stop move in the direction of the current trend.

ThinkScripter Multi-Stops

ThinkScripter Multi-Stops


  1. Wow, this looks intense. ;) I will check it out later tonight!! Thanks for all of your hard work.





  3. thanks for the rant. i thought i had donated, but had not. fixed that immediately!

    peeps, check this out… you can either get thinkscripter’s “squeeze indicator” for TOS for a donation, or you can get it for other platforms on john carter’s website for five hundred dollars.

    i am happy to support a great product that is helping me do what i love to do. keep up the great work!

    • Hi Greg,

      I’m new and am contributing. I read and viewed TTM Squeeze Ind. but can not find it in the PRO area of TOS. Can you tell me where to find the thinkscript.

      Many thanks…


  4. This one alone is worth $50!!! I can see from the code that you spent a lot of time working on it. Thank you for what you do. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. This is a really great study Eric and I fully agree with Brian above.

    May I additionally ask please what is the cyan and dark red curved line with the green and magenta dots on it please? I presume it is a colored slope MA of some description but I am curious about the dots on it and it also seems particularly responsive to the Heikin-Ashi trend.


  6. Thanks Rob. Check out my moving average script posted today (10 period Hull moving average). The dots merely appear as the slope of the line reverses direction. They are not part of the moving average script I posted today but you get the idea – just eye candy.

  7. Thanks very much Eric. Yes I see that now. I thought it was possibly a Hull MA, but I did not go down as low as 10 periods when I originally tried it on TOS myself. But it does match now, thank you.

  8. ThinkScripter – You’ve outdone yourself again. I’ve seen indicators like this one on other platforms sell for hundreds of dollars for EACH kind of stop. Here you have five different kinds in one! BRAVO!

    Traders – I cannot recommend these studies highly enough. Eric has responded to all my questions and even done some custom tweaks for me. For the price of 3 ES ticks and a commission, it’s an ABSOLUTE STEAL.

  9. I really believe you have a winner in the TS-Multistop. I think it should be marketable and not something you just give away to the crowd. I don’t use it so much for entries, but have found it very profitable in keeping with runners. In the past, I have tightened my trailing stops to protect profits – got stopped out and then searched for another entry point to get back in the trend. Your indicator has helped me stay with the runner of a free trade balance and has increased my profitability, both in p/l and less trade costs.

  10. I am going to continually donate as I use stuff. Using the multistops I made 3k already this week… so your time is greatly appreciated.

  11. Hi, I am new to this site and I don’t see the codes here for this study. How/where do I get the codes.

    Thank you.

    • KS,
      This study, along with a few others, is reserved for the PRO Members.

  12. Can this be used on a daily chart?

  13. Hello,

    I am a very very new trader and really like your site for thinkorswim. But I was curious if you could explain to me how this indicator works or if there is a better indicator for a new trader. I like to swing trade ( buy and sell with in a week or two) Dont know if ya have time to help a rookie out but would greatly appreciate it and will donate if I understand better.


  14. Man that was the best 75 bucks I’ve ever spent. Dude you rock, your scripts are worth far more. Thanx this is a game changer

    • Thank you.

  15. Amazing work. A quick question, though. How do you convert the code to a query so that a watchlist or portfolio may be quickly scanned for stops generated by this indicator? Thanks a lot!

    • Michael,
      Some studies can be converted for use in a scan and some are just too complex. This one is the latter. You might be able to strip out all but one type of stop and get this to work in a scan but never having tried I am unsure if this will work either.

  16. how does this compare to the “ATR Stops” indicator in TOS?

    • Great question. When I originally wrote this there was no ATR Stops indicator in TOS. Since then, they have caught up ;). Functionally, the ATR Stops and my Multi-Stops in the ATR mode are nearly identical. The Multi-Stops does allow for the other stop methodologies: Chandelier, Wilders, and my own Fib stops.

  17. hi, i’m interested in finding a trailing stop strategy that will help me exit out of trades based on 2 factors: 1) macd crosses on a tick chart + 2) waits for the next bar’s body to cross above (or below depending on the long or short entry) the bar that generated the cross on macd. Can anyone help me look in the right direction – i will definitely donate/pay for it.

  18. Hi Eric,

    Newbie to your site, I saw comments on ATR; is there any advice on using exit targets on credit/debit spreads or references to trade adjustments for credit spreads. Plan on paying dues in Dec.


    • I think the best bet with credit spreads is to just determine your allowable risk before entry and then just set the stop once the spread is on. Options pricing is a complex beast so I try to keep it simple.

  19. Now this study has me intrigued.. but the one I downloaded is different from the one above? Just wondering what the difference is, tia!

    • There should be no difference as this study has remained relatively unchanged for years.

  20. Hello,

    I’m a new Pro member, and I agree this site is a bargain! The Double MA study is awesome (as well as many others).

    Question about this study: The study changes the colors of the candles to a neon green for uptrend and red for down. Is there a setting that will turn off this feature?


    • I don’t recall but at a minimum you can simply comment out the line of code with the AssignPriceColor() statement by putting a # at the front of the line.

  21. Eric, thank you for all of your hard work and creativity. This website is a gold mine for active thinkorswim users. I assume this has been attempted or asked about before, but is there any way to incorporate automated buy/sell orders that will fire off each time an alert is triggered?

    • There is no automated trading capability in TOS.


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