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thinkorswim OP Trend Bars MTF (customized) Correct Updated, V2

OP Trend Bars MTF (customized)

  1. HimanB
    Version: Correct Updated, V2
    Nice Indicator to combine with others. Thank you..
  2. andrewmann1988
    Version: Correct Updated, V2
    Great indicator by RapidFyre! And thanks for the updates. However, has anyone noticed that the TrendLength input is meaningless? I reviewed the code today and its a great piece of work but Trend Length seems to mean absolutel ynothing.
  3. bostontrade
    Version: Correct Updated, V2
    Looks like current parameters are set to
    18+ trend peaked
    13-17 trend strong up
    8-12 trend weak up
    1-7 weak up

    Can you look into this? I think grading system is off from what you posted.
  4. Pandu04
    Version: Correct Updated, V2
    After watching simple trading video, I google'd for MTF and found think link. Thought I can learn from this and use it. Awesome work done by Rapidfyre and everyone making contributions in making it a better indicator. Thank You for sharing your knowledge.