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thinkorswim Regular Trading Hours Multi-Pivots 04/19/09

A set of pivot points (Floor, Camarilla, DeMark Hi/Lo, Woodie’s) based on regular trading hours.

  1. Eric Purdy
    Why create yet another set of pivots? First and foremost, I wanted a set of pivot points based on regular trading hours (RTH 0930-1600 EST) only regardless of the hours I have displayed. TOS allows you to display regular trading hours only or the full 24 hours. Unfortunately, the standard TOS pivot points will recalculate based on what you have displayed. This annoyed me so I built a set of pivots always based on RTH regardless of what you display. Rather than stopping there I decided to throw four types of pivots into the one study. You can choose between the traditional floor trader’s pivots, Camarilla pivots, DeMark Hi/Lo pivots or Woodie’s pivots. You also have the option to display a midline for the traditional and Woodie’s pivots.
    Also pictured are the Multi-Stops using a fibonacci stop of the standard settings, as well as the Better Volume indicator from Emini-Watch. I simply ported his code over for use in thinkScript. multipivots.png