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thinkorswim Weekly/Monthly Pivots 04/20/09

Weekly and monthly pivots that remain constant for that whole period.

  1. Eric Purdy
    Here’s a Friday night quickie for the masses. I posted this in the forum earlier in the week. This is just the basic weekly and and monthly pivots with a slight improvement. If you’ve used the TOS pivots you might have noticed that the weekly and monthly pivots don’t behave as expected. Rather than stay the same for a whole month or week, they change on a daily basis. Many of us want weekly and monthly pivots that remain constant for the whole period. If you fall into that category, then these pivots are for you. The pivots are always calculated on all the available data which means 24Hr data for futures. tspivots.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Kevin C Kettring
    Kevin C Kettring
    Version: 04/20/09
    I have been looking to write this study. Now I don't have to.
    Thanks Eric. Kevin